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The Annual International and Comparative Urban Law Conference

In the twenty-first century, the intersection of law and urbanism raises pressing questions about urban governance and innovation, sustainability and ecosystems, public health, housing, the structure and scope of local authority, and the role of law in urban policy areas. The International and Comparative Urban Law Conference (ICULC) is the Urban Law Center's annual convening of legal scholars who explore these issues - and more - from international, comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives. Each year, the Urban Law Center partners with another university to host the conference on our co-sponsor's campus. To date the conference has been hosted in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, South America and North America. 


Since 2014, the conference has steadily grown in scope and size. As the COVID-19 pandemic and its ensuing quarantines brought public gatherings to a halt, the ICULC took on a virtual format for the first time in 2021. Although we missed the unique dynamic that in-person discourse can provide, the virtual format allowed us to include more scholars and practitioners from around the world, thus broadening the perspectives and insights that were shared during the conference.  In 2022, the conference was presented in a hybrid format.


The work shared during our annual gathering has led to new collaborations and published scholarship that provide a current view  on the ever growing field of urban law. This scholarship has been made possible by the commitment and generosity of our conference participants, and the support of our partner organizations. 

The Call for Participation for the 10th Annual ICULC is available below. 

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